Our Vision and Mission

  • That CSSOMA performs a positive and effective role in communicating with government and as an advocatefor South Sudanese and other Marginalized people of Sudanese individuals, families and communities living in New South Wales Australia.
  • That South Sudanese refugees and humanitarian entrants have access on an equitable basis to the services and accommodation essential for their wellbeing, including affordable housing, education, vocational training, Legal Supports, community services, employment and health care.
  • That CSSOMA provides support services to Sub communities member organizations from the Republic of South Sudan and North Sudanese Regions, including incorporation and compliance, policy development, accounting and finance, fundraising & sponsorship, submission writing, event planning, graphic design & layout.
  • That CSSOMA forms a strong and effective alliance with government through AusAid and works with non-government overseas aid organizations in Australia including, Caritas, Department of Social Services, Family and Community Services, Local Councils, Parramatta City Council, Auburn City Council, Holroyd City Council, Penrith City Council, Fairfield, Liverpool, Banks town, Blacktown, Care Australia, the National Council of Churches, Human Appeal International, STARTTS, ANGLICARE, FAIRFIELD MIRGANT RESOURCES Centre, and Catholic Care.
  • That CSSOMA uses its contacts with South Sudanese Sub community Leaders and Africa communities and individuals in Australia and their contacts in the Overseas in South Sudan and of Africa (‘the Diaspora’) to identify high value humanitarian projects in The Republic of  South Sudan region; works with non-government organizations in South Sudan to develop and cost their proposals; seeks Australian support for them by government; and acts as a catalyst through joint ventures with Australian based NGOs.