Our Objectives

The objectives of this association shall INCLUDE:

(a) To identify the needs of the community and adopt developing strategies to meet those needs;

(b) To raise means to provide facilities for meeting development and cultural activity of this community;

(c) To encourage understanding and strengthen co-operation with service providers in NSW for improved service planning, co-ordination, advocacy and service delivery; with a particular focus on new arrivals, emerging and other high need (destitute and vulnerable) groups;

(d) To strive to achieve peace and harmony amongst this community and foster common loyalty to this Association on the one hand, and on the other hand strengthen and support local initiatives;

(e) To encourage members of this community (particularly children, youth and women) to use the resources of Australian society in order to settle into the community and reach their potential and to become active members of Australian society;

(f) To assist in maintaining the central role of the family in the lives of children and this community, and to ensure that special needs of children separated from their families are recognized and met;

(g) To endeavour to enhance co-operation with relevant actors (national and international NGOs, churches, embassies, and all people of good will) in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people in war-torn Sudan. Such assistance shall include provision of emergency relief and community-based development;

(h) To place emphasis on the vision of peace through development by working to eliminate dependency and enhance self-sufficiency which would restore dignity and self-worth