About Us

The Community Of South Sudanese and Other Marginalised Areas Association, Incorporated (CSSOMAA) Inc. is a non-government, non-political, non-sectarian and not for profit organisation. It is only South Sudanese Umbrella – Peak body Organisation that respond to the needs of newly arrived South Sudanese families and Other Marginalised Areas African humanitarian entrants who are not entitled to support from government-funded services.  In addition CSSOMAA assist and response to natural or man made disasters by raise funds, material and non-material donations.

The Community of South Sudanese and Other Marginalized Areas in NSW (CSSOMA) represents the needs and issues of the South Sudanese Community in NSW. As the peak body for the many smaller Southern Sudanese organizations in NSW, our role is to coordinate projects across these organizations, train mainstream service providers to provide culturally relevant programs and to represent the needs and issues of our community to stakeholders.
We united as an organization in 1998. We take pride in our achievements; acknowledge the difficulties we face and work together to build a strong and thriving community.

The Community Of South Sudanese and Other Marginalised Areas Association, Incorporated (CSSOMAA) NSW Inc (CSSOMAA) was incorporated with the Office of Fair Trading under the New South Wales Association Incorporation Act on 5 July 2002.

Our Vision

  • That CSSOMA performs a positive and effective role in communicating with government and as an advocatefor South Sudanese and other Marginalized people of Sudanese individuals, families and communities living in New South Wales Australia.
  • That South Sudanese refugees and humanitarian entrants have access on an equitable basis to the services and accommodation essential for their wellbeing, including affordable housing, education, vocational training, Legal Supports, community services, employment and health care.
  • That CSSOMA provides support services to Sub communities member organizations from the Republic of South Sudan and North Sudanese Regions, including incorporation and compliance, policy development, accounting and finance, fundraising & sponsorship, submission writing, event planning, graphic design & layout.
  • That CSSOMA forms a strong and effective alliance with government through AusAid and works with non-government overseas aid organizations in Australia including, Caritas, Department of Social Services, Family and Community Services, Local Councils, Parramatta City Council, Auburn City Council, Holroyd City Council, Penrith City Council, Fairfield, Liverpool, Banks town, Blacktown, Care Australia, the National Council of Churches, Human Appeal International, STARTTS, ANGLICARE, FAIRFIELD MIRGANT RESOURCES Centre, and Catholic Care.
  • That CSSOMA uses its contacts with South Sudanese Sub community Leaders and Africa communities and individuals in Australia and their contacts in the Overseas in South Sudan and of Africa (‘the Diaspora’) to identify high value humanitarian projects in The Republic of  South Sudan region; works with non-government organizations in South Sudan to develop and cost their proposals; seeks Australian support for them by government; and acts as a catalyst through joint ventures with Australian based NGOs.



The purpose of CSSOMAA is to, Advocate and Lobby about services to Support s South Sudanese members in NSW.

Also to prevent poverty and destitution among African humanitarian entrants who may not be entitled to government-funded services due to visa type restrictions through provision of basic services and to respond to natural or manmade disasters through raising funds, receiving and sending material and non-material donations to disaster affected areas.

The CSSOMAA purpose can be described below as a trio-pronged approach:

  1. Many African community members arrive in Australia through the Humanitarian program from refugee camps in African. Family members and friends who arrive in Australia as refugees themselves sponsor some of these humanitarian entrants.  The humanitarian entrants who come to Australia sponsored by family or friends are not entitled to settlement services offered by MRCs and the like.  The purpose of CSSOMAA is to provide urgently needed services by this group of humanitarian entrant.  Services provided by CSSOMAA include orientation (taking the newly arrived to centrelink, bank, etc.), help with finding housing, English language classes, connecting them with members of the African community, etc.  Lack of support for this group of humanitarian entrants leads to poverty, homelessness, suffering, destitution, and misfortune
  2. South Sudanese humanitarian entrants are special vulnerable group due to language difficulties resulting into difficulties accessing vitally needed services. The purpose of CSSOMAA in this regard is to reduce the level of poverty and destitution among South Sudanese humanitarian entrants through provision of basic services including English classes, housing, employment, schooling, information sessions on how to perform basic tasks such as shopping, banking, catching public transport, linking them to groups that can assist them.  These services will target the most needy in the South Sudanese community including widows, orphans, single mothers, isolated community members and individuals who cannot help themselves due to the lack of knowledge and inability to navigate the Australia system.
  3. Responding to natural and man- made disasters in Australia and oversees particularly South Sudan by raising funds, receiving material and non-material donation. Funds and donations received will be sent to the identified disaster areas.



The objectives of this association shall INCLUDE:

(a) To identify the needs of the community and adopt developing strategies to meet those needs;

(b) To raise means to provide facilities for meeting development and cultural activity of this community;

(c) To encourage understanding and strengthen co-operation with service providers in NSW for improved service planning, co-ordination, advocacy and service delivery; with a particular focus on new arrivals, emerging and other high need (destitute and vulnerable) groups;

(d) To strive to achieve peace and harmony amongst this community and foster common loyalty to this Association on the one hand, and on the other hand strengthen and support local initiatives;

(e) To encourage members of this community (particularly children, youth and women) to use the resources of Australian society in order to settle into the community and reach their potential and to become active members of Australian society;

(f) To assist in maintaining the central role of the family in the lives of children and this community, and to ensure that special needs of children separated from their families are recognized and met;

(g) To endeavour to enhance co-operation with relevant actors (national and international NGOs, churches, embassies, and all people of good will) in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people in war-torn Sudan. Such assistance shall include provision of emergency relief and community-based development;

(h) To place emphasis on the vision of peace through development by working to eliminate dependency and enhance self-sufficiency which would restore dignity and self-worth